Seamless Integration

As a 20+ Seat MSP or IT Company, you fully understand that no great level of success comes without investment. The amount of time and money that you’ve dedicated to your business thus far has been significant.

As you continue to scale, it’s important to truly learn how to eliminate waste, automate processes, and delegate tasks. With ServiceTree Connect, this becomes easier than ever. Our true process automation, user-friendly ticketing system, and seamless integration to other PSA software, can help you effectively manage team resources, and in turn decrease costly internal spending and add more money to your bottom line. 

True Automation

Eliminate waste and scale

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By now you’ve realized that the more employees you have, the more important it is to manage your resources properly. Our PSA ticketing system automatically distributes open tickets to available technicians based on ticket age and importance.
Question Trees
Our customizable, structured workflows ensure proficiency for techs regardless of skill level. In combination with our OpenNext™ technology, and because the Question Trees are continually improving, the software supports rapid ticket resolution directly within the workflow.
Knowledge Base
Processes are key to any scalable business. Without them, training employees and servicing tickets takes longer, more money is wasted internally, and mistakes are more likely to be made. The Knowledge Base accompanies each individual ticket!
As your company continues to grow, every dollar of your bottom line is valuable. Understanding where technicians are wasting the most time, which team members are most efficient, and which tickets cost you the most money are all extremely important numbers to know.

Fully utilize your PSA software to help support your growth with ServiceTree Connect™.


Service Tree CONNECT™ is the Ticketing Plugin that MAXIMIZES your existing PSA.  We take the time out of Ticketing which drives up your Profits.  Our software pays for itself in less than 1 day and can be fully implemented in just 4 hours.  If you are not fully satisfied with what we can deliver we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Book a Demo and we will show you how to improve your Profits by up to 60%!

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