PSA Plugin for Small IT Companies

Different size IT companies struggle with different aspects of their business. If you are a 10 Seat, small IT Company, you’ve probably realized that one of your biggest challenges is scaling your company. You’ve managed to take your firm from a solo endeavor into one with a few employees, but figuring out how to go from a small IT Company to a mid-sized one is presenting challenges of its own. So, how do you fix that and fully utilize your employees to help support your growth?

You use ServiceTree Connect™ to give you a time-saving, data-driven interface that seamlessly integrates with your current PSA software, like ConnectWise or Autotask. Are you ready to save for a 30% increase in productivity and time saved? 

Scale your business

with true automation

Our system filters and distributes tickets to the appropriate team member based on ticket age, importance, team member availability, and skill. No more cherry picking tickets!
True Self Service
Your team is still rather small, so it is important that not all Client issues be serviced by your team directly. Our true self-service platform allows Clients to diagnose and resolve their own issues.
Ticket Creation
You’ll never be able to scale unless clients start to submit tickets and follow a process. ServiceTree ticketing system is one of the easiest and fastest on the market.
Knowledge Base
Give Junior employees all of the information they need to complete a job, all in one place. Eliminate the need to train employees on every single process, saving you time and making you more money.

Fully utilize your employees to help support your growth with ServiceTree Connect™.


Service Tree CONNECT™ is the Ticketing Plugin that MAXIMIZES your existing PSA.  We take the time out of Ticketing which drives up your Profits.  Our software pays for itself in less than 1 day and can be fully implemented in just 4 hours.  If you are not fully satisfied with what we can deliver we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Book a Demo and we will show you how to improve your Profits by up to 60%!

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