5 Dispatching Best Practices in ConnectWise

Ticket dispatching is vitally important for many businesses as it allows employees to be assigned to the right places, people or businesses at the right time. An effective dispatching strategy is critical to giving the best possible service and building up your business’s reputation for excellence.

ConnectWise can be an invaluable tool to help you manage your ticket dispatching effectively. It has a broad range of tools that can make dispatching easier for your techs, dispatchers, and customers. Here at ServiceTree, we offer some fantastic add-on tools to help you get even more out of ConnectWise.

Hire A Dedicated Dispatcher

Having a dedicated dispatcher can ensure that all work is spread evenly amongst your technicians and that appropriate work is assigned based on skill level. It can also ensure that no tasks slip through the cracks and that techs can focus on doing their job and not worry about organizing the next task on their agenda.

A dispatcher will also be in an excellent position to identify areas for improvement within the dispatching process. An excellent alternative to a dispatcher could also be to use our automated dispatching tool, which uses an algorithm to allocate tasks to technicians. This can also be a cost-effective option for businesses that can’t take on a full-time dispatcher.

Make A Streamlined Ticketing Process

For any dispatching process to work well, you need clear parameters that your team should work within. Tickets should be assigned based on the severity of the issue and the timeline within which it needs to be resolved. These parameters can be used for ticketing using our automated tool.

Use A Centralized Calendar

Knowing when different techs are available is crucial to ensure that customers get the best service. Customers often want to work with the same familiar techs again and again, so knowing when everyone is scheduled to work can be a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our automated dispatching tool uses a streamlined calendar to show when different techs are available, allowing customers greater control over who they work with. It can also reduce frustration with the ticketing process, a common issue for many dispatching operations.

Upskill Your Techs

The better qualified each of your techs, the more efficient your dispatching process will be. While having techs of various skill levels is essential to ensure all work can be easily assigned, the more your technicians know, the better. You can also enter technician qualifications into our automated tool to ensure that techs are only given work they are qualified to do.

Keep Customers Informed

The last thing you want is your ticket dispatching process to cause frustration for your customers. The more contact required by customers, the more likely they are to be dissatisfied with your service. Keeping customers informed of the process, where their ticket is and what to expect next can go a long way to ensure that customers are happy with your service.

You can also receive feedback from customers through our add-on service, ensuring that you can learn from their experience and make improvements for the future.

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