Automation equals transformation – not replacement.

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A misconception for anyone outside the IT world is that technicians like change. Although there are exceptions, for the most part, technicians tend to resist it rather than embrace it (much less actively court it).

This is a real challenge given that IT is the fastest and most dynamic industry today. How does an MSP stay focused on servicing its customers when its greatest asset – its team – doesn’t want to evolve? Some of the verticals that MSPs trade in might still be slow adapters to the evolution of technology, but this is changing very quickly.

The concern for techies is they see these changes as potential threats to their job. When you look at some of the AI demos from the likes of Google, it’s not hard to see why.

AI will impact the MSP world – just as it will impact every other industry, but I feel there is still a very important place for the techie today – and well into the future.

Don’t get me wrong, techies must change if they’re to stay relevant, and those who welcome change will be the most sort after.

The differentiators always win.

Historically, MSPs have been playing the dollar game – offering higher salaries and other incentives to entice staff from their competitors. But what goes around comes around, and with the reduction in margins and the ever-growing expectations of customers – it’s squeezing the bottom line of the savviest MSPs.

Look at any report into the MSP landscape, and you’ll see that staff and training are two of their top challenges.

Unfortunately, no MSP is alone in this challenge; there is only a finite pool of talent available. The pool of ‘standard’ technicians, on the other hand, is growing day by day, as every teenager who likes playing with their smartphone wants to be a tech and live the high life.

This is where sort-after techies differentiate themselves. They see technology and automation helping them improve their daily work lives, while and delivering greater value to their employee.

The Truth About IT Help Desk Automation

If there’s one buzzword everyone’s hearing right now, it’s ‘automation’ – and in the MSP space, it’s ‘IT help desk automation’.

This is where techies need to evolve and accept that automation is going to be one of the keys to their success. Automation in tech support still needs great customer service – and the two together can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

When you allow advanced tools and automation to reduce the time and effort needed to resolve an issue, it builds the data required to generate quality analytics. But it’s not only about reducing the resource demands – it’s about staying agile and competitive.

The MSP space is getting ever more crowded. Differentiate from your competitors using automation and great customer service, and you’ll leave the competition behind.

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