How the Best MSP Software Got Its Name


When we were developing ServiceTree I was adamant that the product name would be more than just a name. I felt the name needed to have a relationship with the DNA of the product and everything it stood for. It wasn’t just MSP software – it was much more than that.

In the early development stages, ServiceTree was known as Project Leonard – named after one of the characters of the hit Sitcom – Big Bang Theory. For those that don’t know me, I love the show – and many have said I have a lot in common with Sheldon. I sometimes question if that’s a good thing or not…

The systems we’d developed at our company, This Solution, were always named after other characters – such as Sheldon – which was our original information repository. We also have Penny – but more about Penny in a future post.

I had the idea early on that the word ‘Service’ should make up part of the name, as the product is all about service delivery. Traditional MSP software – that’s every other system on the market right now –  is little more than a management tool; it lacks the critical service delivery element.

I personally believe ServiceTree is the only tool to ensure that QoSD (Quality of Service Delivery) is achieved in an IT support business. This is unprecedented.

I played with many ideas, but one stuck in the back of my mind from the beginning – ServiceTree. The more I thought about the name the more I realized that it was perfect for the product.

The roots of a tree are strong, deep and hidden – yet they make the tree withstand the elements for hundreds of years. Similarly, the architecture and the design that makes ServiceTree such a powerful tool is never seen by the user.

It’s all in the Decision Trees

Decisions trees form a key element of ServiceTree. While the similarity with the product’s name is obvious, so too is its role in the way ServiceTree works.

The trunk of the tree is the core that holds all the elements of the tree together. Likewise, the decision trees in ServiceTree are what every technician uses to work on support tickets.

The branches of a tree are the links between the leaves and the trunk – giving the overall shape of the tree. In ServiceTree we see our activity queues giving us this same connection – automatically feeding the tickets into groups based on the activities that need to be completed.

Then there’s the final element – the leaves. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them. They’re what fill the tree with life and provides its shape.

The job tickets are the lifeline of every IT support business. The more active tickets a support team has, the more hustle and energy there is in the team.

Looking at it this way, we couldn’t possibly have named ServiceTree anything else. It really is the best MSP software out there today.

You can learn more about how ServiceTree PSA software can help your IT support team reach the next level, or reach out to me for more details or a demonstration via the contact page.

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