The heart of an MSP – Its People, not Technology

tech team working together

Going from one MSP to another, it’s fascinating to see the similarities and also the differences in how we in the MSP community are delivering very similar services, yet going about it in very different ways.

Quick: What’s making you the most margin? (Don’t know? Let’s Talk)

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One of the questions that invariably pops up when any group of MSP owners are talking is price.

What do you charge? How do you charge? What’s your best margin solution?

My answer to that question is fairly simple: Your services automation tool should answer those questions. You should be able to see the uptime (or downtime) of any solution you deploy with your customers. You should be able to easily see what products are consistently triggering support tickets, and which solutions are sailing along smoothly.

Why MSPs need a Question Tree-Based PSA Platform

PSA question tree

Professional Service Automation (PSA) platforms typically include a knowledge base where clients can find answers to basic questions without contacting the help desk. Ironically, the ‘automation’ element is a misnomer (most PSA solutions include little to no automation), and the knowledge base component is usually static in nature. So not much automation going on here… […]

4 Practical Ways to Motivate your Tech Team

happy employee morale

When managers hear the word ‘motivation’ there’s an almost audible groan. We all know workplace motivation is important for employee morale, focus and productivity, but the things we’re asked to do to promote it are often impractical. Usually, they just don’t work. Motivational advice often lacks substance, and tactics like inspirational notes or asking about feelings […]

Why Getting a Baseline is so Important for Effective IT Managed Services

tennis ball on court baseline

Part of a managed service provider’s job is to ensure your technology meshes perfectly with the natural flow of business. The best way to do this is by monitoring network activity, watching for trouble spots and examining ways your IT infrastructure can be improved to optimize performance. The traffic on your website has an expected […]