February 4, 2019

Business Transformation Roadshow @ Jacksonville, Florida

Morton’s – Noon to 4:00 pm
225 E. Coastline Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32202


Paul Azad, CEO of ServiceTree

Your Lunch & Learn session is presented by Paul Azad, ServiceTree’s CEO. Paul founded our parent company (called This Solution) in 2000, which manages over 400 sites and 80,000 calls a year.

Two years ago our systems were struggling to cope with the growth in our business, so we went looking for a solution. Everything we found was little more than a management tool; lacking critical service delivery elements. This seemed a glaring oversight since technicians were central to our service delivery. So we built our own solution – ServiceTree.

Today, every department in our business is on the same page. We have transparency, consistency and QoS in our business. ServiceTree’s clever decision trees and patented Open Next™ technology deliver the right ticket to the right tech at the right time. That’s one of the main benefits of service automation. So now instead of managing and dispatching tickets, we’re leading and growing teams.

We believe ServiceTree will revolutionize professional services automation in the MSP industry. In many ways, it has already revolutionised our business and the way we deliver services. We hope at the conclusion of this presentation, you’ll leave with valuable insights into your business, and how you can do things a whole lot better.

Transforming Your MSP Business

Competition in the managed services marketplace grows with each M&A and across geographic borders.

MSPs mustn’t only win contracts, but deliver exceptional customer experiences and high-quality services that build loyalty and engagement while driving stable, consistent business growth. Transforming your business may seem overwhelming, but with insights from experts, you’ll find the path much smoother.

Join us for an afternoon focused on overcoming the challenges that often hold back managed services businesses from success – sales, marketing, product stack, pricing and packaging services, managing time and tickets and more. Hear from industry experts and a master MSP who turned his answer to those challenges into a high-functioning services automation tool that is redefining PSAs.

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