The Best Way to Scale IT Service Delivery

ServiceTree simplifies and streamlines – giving managers, techs and customers an enhanced experience, while transforming resource usage, QoS, costs and revenues – automatically.

The Best Way to Scale IT Service Delivery


The right information to the right person, at the right time
on any device, at any location.

The right information to the right person at the right time on any device, at any location.

Knowledgebase Built to Scale

ServiceTree’s power grows as it consolidates the important knowledge held by your technical team and converts it into structured procedures. It unifies every element of support into a single source of truth, giving you an efficient framework to grow your business.

Built for MSPs by an MSP

IT departments can simplify and streamline their operations to create a better experience for managers, techs and customers. Businesses see the transformation in resource usage, quality of service, cost reduction and revenue growth. It helps businesses to level up.

Business Performance Reimagined

ServiceTree, delivers meaningful insights into your entire operation. Witness levels of automation not seen before on PSA platforms. Experience greater oversight, lower costs, improved SLA compliance and big gains in CSI levels – without spending any more on people.

I'm a Technician

I'm a Technician

  • No paperwork, job sheets or reporting
  • Browser-based – work from anywhere
  • Intelligent network bots make life easy
  • Run pre-built scripts to streamline jobs
  • Guided ticket execution: nothing missed
I'm a Manager

I'm a Manager

  • Right ticket, right tech, right time
  • Real-time dashboards bring clarity
  • Live reports show issues/opportunities
  • Roster system – no cherry-picking jobs
  • Monitor resources (to the minute)
I'm the Business Owner

I'm the Business Owner

  • One system manages everything
  • Capture tasks & invoices accurately
  • Automated your support processes
  • Deliver consistent service
  • Set and forget your configurations
Remote Monitoring and Management Ticketing Software For Smoother Service-Delivery

PSA Ticket Management System Features

Overcome all of the service-delivery choking points:

  • Job authorization
  • Staff compliance
  • Rostering
  • Support documentation
  • Client access controls

RMM – When access to a remote system is required (E.g. RDP, VNC or SSH), ServiceTree connects the dots and drops you exactly where you need to be – right there within ServiceTree. There’s no need to maintain a separate database of clients’ login credentials; a practice that is woefully insecure.

  • Invoicing (incl. pro-forma and automated billing)
  • Real-time XERO synchronization
  • Tax Jar integration for US accounting
  • Fully-integrated procurement
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Intelligent logistics, incl. TNT integration
  • Inventory management and tracking
  • 24×7 self-serve client portal
  • Real-time ticket view
  • Reporting, with granular drill-down
  • Access and permission controls

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True Knowledge and Process Automation

Technicians hate completing job sheets, writing documentation, scheduling work and generating reports. ServiceTree renders these tasks obsolete because it does them automatically.

Nothing is missed – every task and every action is tracked. That means every billable minute is billed. Job authorization, staff compliance, rostering, support documentation and client access controls are all managed within ServiceTree – much of it automatically.

Remote Monitoring and Management Ticketing Software For Smoother Service-Delivery

Reports & Analytics

ServiceTree was designed and built from the outset with live data as its core. It allows decision makers to… well… make decisions – and do it on the fly, 24×7. 

Chances are, you joined the rest of the industry long ago and started charging a flat rate. But do you really know what it’s costing you to deliver your service to each customer? Do you know how much money you’re making on each ticket? Do you know which work is profitable and which isn’t? With ServiceTree, you’ll see exactly how much money you’re making, or worse, losing on every ticket.

Remote Management

These days, we can remotely manage a device from the other side of the world as if we were sitting in front of it. But this power has one major drawback – security.

Spreadsheets containing passwords to routers, servers and other devices is a massive risk, especially when a team member leaves the business. With ServiceTree, your team connects to your customers’ devices through a Web browser without seeing a single password. Even better, everything is recorded. Just press play and watch a video of what they did – even if they SSH’d in. Also, Saltstack is embedded in ServiceTree, ensuring its power is only available as needed. What this level of power and security delivers is an opportunity to scale on a global level without any of the risks.

Remote Monitoring and Management Ticketing Software For Smoother Service-Delivery

High-Performance SaaS Delivery

ServiceTree is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a high-performance elastic cloud platform. The result is outstanding speed on desktop and mobile devices, 100% uptime and the ability to scale rapidly as our partners scale their businesses.

Because ServiceTree is a SaaS solution, implementation and onboarding are fast, headache-free and extremely economical. There’s no infrastructure investment required and a positive ROI is achieved much sooner than with other solutions.