How to Manage Tickets More Effectively in ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage helps managed services providers (MSPs) get the most out of their operations. One of its key features is the ability to create, track, schedule, and manage tickets that allow managers and employees to track a project or issue. They are commonly used for IT issues but can also be used in customer service and other areas.  

Managing your tickets properly is crucial for a business’s success. The more efficient and effective your process for managing tickets, the better the customer experience. Here are some of the best ways to manage tickets using the ConnectWise ticketing solution. 

Know What You Need To Prioritize 

Understanding your priority tickets is crucial to helping you manage tickets effectively. You will need to decide what type of ticket needs immediate action. It could help to create several categories going up in the level of urgency. You could also use the One In, One Out method, which can help prevent a buildup of older tickets. Some combination of the two could also be beneficial.  

You will need to ensure your team knows how to prioritize incoming tickets. Using a tool to help them manage their workloads and schedule their next tickets can be invaluable.  

Color Code Your Tickets 

With ConnectWise Manage, you can color code the different tickets you receive. This can be a great way to ensure all tickets get to the place they need to go and are treated with appropriate urgency. It can also help prevent fatigue when dealing with a lot of complaints, making the tickets much more reader-friendly.  

Invest In A Ticketing Workflow Management Tool 

Finding a quality ticketing workflow management tool can be invaluable to help you and your team use ConnectWise Manage more effectively. It is a good idea to look for tools that offer free trials or demos so that you can identify how useful they will be for your business and operation. Tools like our Chrome Extension can help manage scheduling, manage priorities, allow for more efficient customer feedback, and much more.  

Create Templates And Automate Responses 

Automated responses and service activities can be invaluable to free up your employees’ precious time. A lot of tickets will require similar responses, actions or resources. By automating these common and recurring tickets, you can reduce inefficiency and provide customers with a more responsive and helpful service.  

Train Your Team 

Training your team to understand your ticket workflow processes is crucial. You should ensure that every team member fully understands how you want the tickets to be prioritized. You should also ensure they are capable and confident using ConnectWise Manager and any additional tools you use.  


Having a good process for managing your tickets on ConnectWise Manage is crucial for your business to offer the best possible service to clients. You should ensure that you have a clear process and that your team fully understands how to prioritize and respond to tickets and contact.  

You should also find tools to help you make the very most out of ConnectWise Manage. If you want to learn more about our tool here at ServiceTree, get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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