A New Approach to PSA & MSP Software Pricing

Unlimited Users!

With ServiceTree, there are no charges for users.

Have as many users as you like!

Modest Pricing Structure for MSP & PSA Software

Our goal was always to make ServiceTree as simple and easy to adopt as possible. That includes the pricing.

Unlike other systems with complex price structures, we offer three service levels and two pricing tiers for our MSP software. And that’s it. But here’s the game-changer:

We don’t charge per user.

  • Pricing starts at $0.99 per device (or location)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Onboarding costs are minimal
  • Expect efficiency/productivity gains of around 20% or more
  • Expect staff and client satisfaction levels to increase
  • Know your business better so you can grow it better

If anyone tells you that MSP/PSA software pricing can’t be this simple, tell them they’re talking out of their hat. A big red one. And so we now invite you to see it for yourself. Let’s talk about the pressure points in your business, and areas where improvements can be realized. We’re convinced that within 10 minutes of seeing ServiceTree in action, you’ll want it to revolutionise your business; just as it has ours.