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Data is key when it comes to effective decision making, and old data may be irrelevant to current situations. With ServiceTree’s live data dashboards you are able to get a true 360-degree view of your business in real time.

servicetree psa data dashboard

Simple Ticket Creation

On average, ServiceTree Connect™ can save your business between two and five-minutes on every ticket created, increasing your profit and your teams productivity.
psa ticket creation

Reporting & Analytics

Sometimes decisions need to be made on the fly, but to make well thought out decisions you need data. With live data as its core, ServiceTree allows decision makers to make smarter decisions – and do it easily, 24×7.

ServiceTree Reports

Knowledge Base

Stop wasting time searching endless databases and search engines trying to find answers on how to solve a particular ticket. Our true knowledge base is built into the ticketing system, not harvested on a third-party platform.
servicetree psa knowledge base

Question Trees

Our customizable, structured workflows ensure proficiency for techs regardless of skill level. In combination with our OpenNext™ technology, and because the Question Trees are continually improving, the software supports rapid ticket resolution directly within the workflow.
servicetree psa question tree

Customer Service

The core of who we are

A New Way to Handle Tickets

Just pick and go

No need to fill anything out

 ServiceTree CONNECT™ has an intuitive user interface that makes Ticketing Simple.



ServiceTree CONNECT™



What ticket should be worked on next?

OpenNext automatically delivers the next ticket based on

  • Priority Level
  • SLA
  • VIP Status
  • Business Hours
  • Do Not Disturb times



Time Consuming

ServiceTree CONNECT™


Automated Delivery of Next Ticket

Increase billable hours

Improve efficiency

Our Preloaded Knowledge called “Question Tree” fast tracks your Technician’s problem solving



Time Inefficient

Question Tree


Time Efficient

4 Hour Implementation

The process is simple. Book a demo, sign a contract, and get up and running in 4 hours.

Service Tree CONNECT™ is the Ticketing Plugin that MAXIMIZES your existing PSA.  We take the time out of Ticketing which drives up your Profits.  Our software pays for itself in less than 1 day and can be fully implemented in just 4 hours.  If you are not fully satisfied with what we can deliver you can exit the agreement without any further cost. 

Book a Demo and we will show you how to improve your Profits by up to 60%!

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