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Anyone who’s worked for an MSP knows what a high-pressure environment really feels like. Sometimes the feeling is chaos, sometimes its just fast – but I doubt anyone would say its boring. However, without effective PSA software, it’s borderline impossible.

That’s the thing about working at a busy service desk – no two tickets are the same, and no two days are ever the same.

The role of a Service Delivery Manager is a bit like leading an orchestra.

Managing customers’ expectations while keeping the team focused and motivated can be a huge challenge. And if your team is spread across multiple physical locations, it’s like running blindfolded.

Our company, This Solution, is spread across eight locations in three countries, running 24 x 7 x 365. Everything we face is multiplied by these factors. Without our PSA software, ServiceTree, we’d be an absolute mess.

When I think of the life as an SDM, there’s life with ServiceTree and then there’s life without ServiceTree. The gap between those two is a mile wide and ten miles deep.

You see, ServiceTree was designed so that an SDM can better use their time looking at the data, analysing trends and managing their team, which is fundamentally different to an SDM using any other PSA software.


We recently hired an experienced SDM who has worked on a well-established ticketing system, so it was interesting to note the differences in his day to day activities right away.

At company X, a typical SDM would :

  • Take stock of all the incoming requests.
  • Ensure tickets are being dispatched to the right techs – usually via a manual dispatcher or a semi-automatic one, but with human intervention.
  • If an urgent issue/outage is reported, the entire deck is reshuffled.
  • Customer SLAs need to be reworked manually (in most cases).
  • Paperwork, sticky notes, emails and messaging systems form the backbone of how the tickets are allocated and monitored.
  • Draw end-of-day reports analysing post facto data.
  • Create data trends/reports in Excel or Powerpoint to present at customer meetings.
  • If 24×7 support is required, there are multiple SDMs working in shifts, adding to the overhead.


At This Solution, using ServiceTree, our SDM:

  • Does not spend his time managing tickets (ticket priorities are determined automatically and auto-triaged)
  • Spends his time managing and coaching the team
  • Is able to view real-time data on ticket flow and team utilisation
  • Can roster the team dynamically based on workload
  • Can efficiently manage customer expectations, resulting in fewer grumpy customers
  • Doesn’t require another SDM, as he can take a hands-off management approach with the after-hours team

The world is embracing automation, and doing things the old way just doesn’t cut it anymore. Most PSA software remains stuck in the old paradigm.

The paradox is, as we weave additional automation into our work practices, it frees us to work on the things where we can really make a difference – like coaching our team, refining our growth strategy, delivering outstanding customer service and so on.

We’ve courted automation for years, and in doing so, eliminated a lot of mundane activities which consume so much time and provide so little value.

The game has moved on – ServiceTree has redefined what PSA software can do. Learn more about our professional service automation software.

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