Reports and Analytics

Data is king! We’ve heard that a thousand times. However, it doesn’t go far enough – it should be, ‘Live data is king’.

ServiceTree has live data as its core, allowing decision makers to make smarter decisions – and do it easily, 24×7.

Do you know how much money you’re making on each ticket? Have you ever laid in bed wondering what work is actually profitable and what’s not? With ServiceTree, you’ll see exactly how much money you’re making, or worse, losing on every ticket.

From the creation of a ticket right through to the invoice, every aspect of a job is captured, including labour, hardware and freight. Every last dollar is accounted for automatically.


What’s it all costing you?

Do you charge a flat rate? Do you really know what it’s costing you to deliver your service to each customer?

How about what it’s costing you to support a specific hardware device? Do you ever feel as though you’re wasting the team’s time (and your money) supporting obsolete or unreliable devices? Now you can see the cost right down to the last dollar, and when appropriate, recommend an upgrade. It’s yet another way ServiceTree creates a win-win – for you and your customers.

Who’s your best technician?

  • Is it the one that’s smarter than the others?
  • The one with the most qualifications?
  • The one you charge out at the highest rate?

Now you can see for yourself. ServiceTree’s live stats tell you everything you need to know. Now you can make up your own mind with hard data.