ServiceTree was designed from the outset to integrate with the tools that matter, minimising double-handling of sensitive data and the errors and delays that occur through manual data entry.

All integrations are included in your monthly fee and configured for you as part of your onboarding process.

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Our unique two-way sync allows your accountant and relevant managers to live in the software environment they use every day. Keep your staff out of your P&L!

Everything from purchase orders, payments, receipts and contact data get synced both ways. Also unique is the fact that the transaction count is unlimited.

Debtor invoices raised in ServiceTree sync across to XERO, NetSuite and Quickbooks, including all line items and GL codes. Likewise, creditor invoices logged in ServiceTree are automatically recorded in your accounting software and updated accordingly when paid. Receipts in XERO, Quickbooks and NetSuite are synced across toServiceTree, marking them as paid.

ServiceTree references the complex US tax laws via Tax Jar, ensuring the correct tax is applied to each sale based on the location of the supplier and the receiver.

Network Monitoring

When you add a device in ServiceTree, it automatically creates that device in PRTG Network Monitor.

You can allocate sensors based on the subscribers’ rules and trigger alarms that automatically raise tickets in ServiceTree. Alarms in PRTG are then automatically marked as ‘acknowledged’.

This integration also automatically prioritises and triages PRTG-generated tickets, so for example, a workstation issue will usually be set as a lower priority than a domain controller issue.


ServiceTree generates both inbound and outbound consignment notes for TNT, eliminating common errors when manually creating con notes. It also bills out the charges plus any markup to your customers automatically.


Ingram Micro integration

Tech Data integration

Team Collaboration

Ask questions within Rocket.Chat or Slack and it will return the relevant data straight from ServiceTree. For example, asking, “Show me all open tickets for Acme Ltd”, will display all open tickets for that business.

As the business owner, you can check how your team’s efficiency metrics are tracking. Before reps visit a customer, they can ask how many tickets are open for them, or request details on ticket xyz, all from their smartphone!