Ticketing and Help Desk Tools to use in ConnectWise to Improve the Customer Experience

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The ideal customer experience should always be positive, and customers should be left feeling fully satisfied with the service you provide. A neutral or negative experience can lead to reduced customer engagement and can make the difference between a one-time customer and a repeat customer.  

The quality of your help desk, and by extension, your ticketing process, can make all of the difference to the satisfaction of your customers. An effective help desk like ConnectWise ensures that customer contact gets to the right person in a timely manner, eliminating unnecessary waiting periods. Keep reading to find out more about ConnectWise and how our unique tool can benefit your business. 


ConnectWise allows you to connect with customers effectively no matter how they get in touch. It collates all customer contact into one easily accessible place so that no communication is lost through the cracks.  

This means that no matter how customers contact you, via email, phone call or live chat, all communication will reach your techs when you use ConnectWise. When used in partnership with our Chrome Extension, you can ensure that all communication is easily and effectively categorized and reaches the right technician in good time.  


ConnectWise allows businesses to color-code their tickets which can be an invaluable way to help technicians manage their workloads. Studies have shown that excessive information provided in black and white can be harder to absorb and assess than information in color.  

This means that color-coding can be an excellent way to help your technicians work more effectively. You could implement a color-coding system with different colors for urgency, time sensitivity, and technician skill level required.  


Showing your customers when your techs will be available can be a fantastic way to prevent frustration from customers. If they know what to expect, they will have a better overall experience than if they don’t know what to expect. Using an integrated calendar can also help customers have consistency in their experience and ensure they can access the technicians they need or are familiar with.  


Knowing how to prioritize tickets can be an excellent way to ensure that tasks are completed within the right timescale based on their urgency. With ConnectWise, escalations can be done automatically, which can be invaluable if there is an emergency task. Automatic escalations can ensure that unexpected urgent tasks don’t derail the rest of the tasks at hand.  


With any help desk, it is critical to assess the effectiveness of the service provided. There are always areas for improvement, and evaluating the metrics can help you identify these areas. Solutions such as ConnectWise can also show which help desk employees require support or are good candidates for upskilling or leadership roles.  


With remote working more popular than ever before, it is important for your help desk and ticketing tools to be accessible. ConnectWise allows technicians to connect on the go using their mobile app so that no tickets ever get missed. ServiceTree’s Chrome Extension also helps make the ConnectWise help desk tools more effective for remote workers, helping them manage their workload no matter where they’re working.

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