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#1 Most Effective way to Increase Profitability is


Consensus on Improving Profitability

in the MSP industry


Adds 2 Additional Crucial Metrics


Improve the Efficiencies
of Tickets and Management

We do this by recognizing that different people have different characteristics and motivations


Partnering for Success

These two profiles are generally worlds apart. Business owners and Tech teams are the two critical players in an MSP. Their successful partnership drives EFFICIENCIES and PROFITABILITY.

True Automation for All


Business Owner's Perspective

What business owners want to think Tech’s are doing

Tech's Perspective

This is what actually happens

Unlocking the Profits in a Tech's Work Day

ServiceTree CONNECT™ improves your bottom line


How do we Transform your Gross Profit?

By focusing on the Average Mins / Ticket and the Tech-to-Endpoint ratios



The Tech to Endpoint ratio defines how many Endpoints each of your Techs can service. Many factors can affect the ratio, such as the tools used, and the amount of tool automation. The overall ratio defines the effectiveness of your Tech Team. As MSPs are in the People Business, it is critical to improve this ratio to drive increased profitability

Improves your Ticket Times by



A Tech is really costing $43/hr not $30/hr

As productivity rises, the cost per ticket dramatically reduces


Simple Pricing

Special Introductory Price Based on Users

10 Users

per month
  • *A 2.9% credit processing fee will be applied

15 Users

per month
  • *A 2.9% credit processing fee will be applied

20 Users

per month
  • *A 2.9% credit processing fee will be applied

All Features


  • Open Next™

    Some call it the auto-dispatcher, others call it the lucky dip of ticketing. We call it our special sauce. In truth, Open Next is the technology that ensures that the Right Ticket is given to the Right Tech at the Right Time. Open Next was the result of analysing tens of thousands of tickets in a busy 24x7 MSP. We have taken all the key influencing points that impact a ticket – so your techs don’t need to.

    Priority of the caller
    Priority of the device
    Priority of the request/issue
    The customers’ Business hours
    The proficiency of the technical resource 
    The roster of your tech team
    Do Not Disturb times

  • Create A Ticket

    Creating a ticket has never been easier.  4 simple steps is all that is required, and the ticket is created, automatically prioritized, and categorized. Ensuring tickets are created for all requests is the anchor point in ensuring you know exactly what is happening in your MSP.

  • Email to Ticket

    New emails can be created straight into a new ticket. All email correspondence from that point on will automatically be linked to the ticket, with the status of the ticket automatically changing when the customer replies.

  • Schedule A Ticket

    In the rare cases that you need to schedule a ticket to a specific time or technical resource, you are able to do so. The great news is that Open Next takes these schedule tickets and delivers it to the technical resource as required.

Question Trees

  • Prebuilt

    Our unique Question Trees empowers your Tier 1 techs to do more tech work. With a database of hundreds – your techs can spend less time using search engines to find how to resolve issues – and more time resolving the issues.

  • Subscription (100+)

    Each month we add more Question Trees to the catalogue, so your team can focus on helping your customers with tickets – not documenting.

  • Custom Made

    If you have specific verticals that your MSP is servicing, we can help by building the question Trees to help your team achieve a higher resolution at Tier 1 level.


  • Dashboard

    Like the dashboard in a car, ServiceTree’s dashboard provides an instance snapshot of your MSP for the current day. Unlike many other dashboards, ours is not only live – but the data behind the widgets is not ‘manually’ being entered in by your team.

  • Ticket Reporting

    Reporting that allows you to see how tickets are consuming resources and where you need to adjust resources, training, or processes.

  • Team Reporting

    Analysing your team, and their utilization has never been easier or more accurate. Thanks to ServiceTree’s unique design – data on your team has never been as empowering.

  • Endpoint Reporting

    With every ticket being created in ServiceTree against a device,  you can finally see exactly which device is impacting your MSP.

  • CSAT Reporting

    Ensuring you provide your customers with the ability to provide feedback to  your business

PSA Syncing

  • Tickets

    All tickets will be sent from ServiceTree to your PSA. When the ticket is updated, the ticket information will be sent across. This ensures your PSA is up to date. **Please note** ServiceTree does not sync ticket data back from your PSA. If any information is entered directly into your PSA will not come across to ServiceTree.

  • Users

    When ever you add a new user into your PSA, ServiceTree will be able to pull that across into ServiceTree.

  • Companies

    New customers added into your PSA can easily be imported across into ServiceTree. With 1 button press, the company details along with all their sites are imported across.

  • Contacts

    When you add contacts into your PSA – they will automatically be brought across into ServiceTree. Any new contacts added into ServiceTree when creating tickets will automatically be sync’d back to your PSA.

ConnectWise Specific

  • Insert Time Entry

    Great news, ServiceTree will create each time entry for the tech. So you no longer have to jump up and down beg, pray and yell to get your team to do it. and even better, its never rounded – its set directly to the minute.

  • Insert Calendar Entry

    For those MSPs that depend on the ConnectWise Calendar view, or the Dispatch Portal, you will be happy to know that we also enter them into ConnectWise for your techs.

  • Map Question Trees to Service Boards

    If your MSP runs different service board based on the type of work, ServiceTree can send different tickets across to different service board based on the Question Tree of the ticket.

  • Map Customers to Service Boards

    For MSPs that use different service boards for different customer types or verticals – you can setup ServiceTree to match this behaviour.

Autotask Specific

  • Insert Time Entry

    Great news, ServiceTree will create each time entry for the tech. So you no longer have to jump up and down beg, pray and yell to get your team to do it. and even better, its never rounded – its set directly to the minute.


  • Proficiency

    Ensuring your team are only working on tickets within their capacity is simple. You can set the proficiency of each of your team per category. Did you just hire a Tier 1 resource that is quite knowledgeable in application support? Set them up as Tier 2 for Applications, and Tier 1 for everything except.

  • Rosters

    Have a large team that is segmented into different fuctional roles? Rosters will ensure that Open Next will only give the tickets your team should be working on.


ConnectWise Manage


Kaseya BMS

Datto RMM

Ninja RMM

Solar Winds MSP

Kaseya VSA

Our integrations with the industry leading RMMS ensures we make the job for your techs easier. From showing your techs in the device information, or remotely connecting to the device  directly from within the ticket. ServiceTree CONNECT is designed to simplify what your techs need to do.

Service Tree CONNECT™ is the Ticketing Plugin that MAXIMIZES your existing PSA.  We take the time out of Ticketing which drives up your Profits.  Our software pays for itself in less than 1 day and can be fully implemented in just 4 hours.  

Book a Demo and we will show you how to improve your Profits by up to 60%!

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