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As a business owner, I know exactly what it’s like to have some vendor spouting off about how you should be running your business. So, let’s be clear: I am an MSP business owner. First and foremost. We built ServiceTree to solve our own problems, which means there’s very little you are experiencing in your business that we haven’t gone through as well. Just as you struggle with labor costs, pricing, margin, SLAs, hiring—so did we. (Sometimes, we still do)

That’s why I enjoy doing ServiceTree demos so much. I get to talk with business owners about our solution, but also how it revolutionizes the way MSPs run their companies. How it utterly transformed how WE do business.

During that conversation, people always ask: What makes ServiceTree different?

A New Approach to a Common Problem

It isn’t the tool, really, that is so different—although we are completely changing the role a PSA plays in MSP businesses. Rather, it’s a truly different way of thinking.

MSPs have always kept a watchful eye on product costs and inventory, as well as closely monitoring service levels. But what about your labor? How are you gauging a successful labor rate and balancing that with exceptional service?

I believe you must come at the problem from a different angle. We were just like you—arguing over pennies off a product price but then watching $9,000-$10,000 a year walk off in labor. We pored over costs and SLAs and contracts, but meanwhile, our staff are using old-school pen and paper timesheets and rounding up or down to the quarter-hour. How is that efficient?

That in itself is one reason that ServiceTree has such an immediate and big impact on an MSP. What if you started to look for the same level of detail and accuracy with your labor? We provide that opportunity. No longer is labor a soft data element, it is hard information, recording automatically as your tech team works through projects or tickets. You are eagle-eyed on inventory and product efficiencies; now you can be just as detailed in your examination of labor.

Want to know more?  Stop by and chat with us at either xChange #332 or CompTIA #409—we’ll be in the States for both events and would love to meet you and talk.

I promise, once we’ve walked you through it, you’ll want to start thinking differently, too.

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