We are not an MSP. Will ServiceTree work for us?

Yes! Whether you’re in finance, construction or medicine, you’ll have processes for daily operations. If you want to automate them, ServiceTree is for you.

We’re a mid-size business with an IT department. How will ServiceTree help us?

Your IT tech support team is no different to the kind you would find in a typical MSP. You both need the same levels of process automation. Likewise, you need team/job-related data insights so you can manage your resources and make strategic decisions. Whether or not you invoice your work, you still enjoy all the same efficiency gains.

Why are decisions trees better than a knowledge base (as used by other ticketing systems)?

Knowledge bases are external to the active ticket or task. They’re used only as a reference tool or a set of recommendations. Technicians are not compelled to use them. They’re discretionary. A decision tree is an automated process and it is not optional. It is the platform and the modality of ticket execution in one. This structured approach guarantees standardised, consistent delivery of service – externally or internally.

We don’t have any process documentation, and our knowledge base is obsolete. How can you help us?

We provide an in-house Business Process Analyst. This person extracts and charts your business processes then configures ServiceTree accordingly. Once you’re comfortable, we hand over control so you can edit existing processes and create new ones right in the system.

Is there a tangible ROI with ServiceTree?

Yes! Within six months of your ServiceTree deployment, you’ll know exactly how your team is performing. Your level of insight will exceed anything you’ve experienced before. And if you’re not satisfied, you’ll receive the next six months free!

Do you support small businesses?

Sure thing. ServiceTree benefits almost any process-based business, regardless of size. An MSP with only ten technicians will still see cost-effective and measurable gains from ServiceTree.

How is ServiceTree deployed?

ServiceTree is hosted entirely on the Microsoft Azure platform, comprising the Azure ‘Web Apps’ and ‘Azure SQL’ PaaS. It delivers an uptime of 100%.

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