For start up MSPs
  • Up to 2 users
$0 user/month


For small teams
  • Automated dispatching for all techs
$19 user/month


For small structured teams
  • Whitelist techs based on ticket types
$21 user/month


For performance teams
  • Client scheduling made easy
$24 user/month


For high performance structured teams
  • Customize Open Next™ for your MSP
$26 user/month
2 Users
/ tech
/ Tech
/ Tech
/ Tech
Open Next™
Next 5
Dispacher Mode
Dispatch mode gives you the ability to prioritize new tickets to expedite triaging tickets.
Contact Type / Role
Ticket Chosen Based On
Business Hours
SLA Minutes
Type White List
Have the ability to have specific techs get tickets based on specific types.
Subtype White List
Have the ability to have specific techs get tickets based on specific subtypes.
Customer Satisfaction
Ensure customer satisfaction with automatically sending out a CSAT.
Customer Ticket Scheduling – Individual
Give your customer the ability to schedule a time based on the availability of the assigned tech.
Customer Ticket Scheduling – Team / Group
Give your customer the ability to schedule a time based on the availability of your team/group.
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30 day FREE trial

*We’re so confident that ServiceTree AUTO will meet and exceed your ConnectWise dispatching needs that we’re offering a 30-day free trial! If you agree with us, you don’t need to do anything at all. Your 30-day trial will be automatically converted to a 12-month agreement. If you decide that you’d like to cancel before your 30-day trial is up, you can downgrade to the Free tier that includes 2 users. Your 30-day trial starts when you sign up for ServiceTree.

Note: Your card will be charged $1 when you start your trial to ensure that it is a valid credit/debit card.


ServiceTree Auto offers a 14 day trial.

We license per named user, i.e., for each user you have in ConnectWise that you would like to utilize ServiceTree Auto.

The minimum license term, after the 14 day free trial, is 12 months. 

You can increase the user count at any time throughout the term. Your original term will not be extended.

There are two common definitions of a dispatcher when working in an MSP. 

  • A person who looks at the service boards to make sure tickets are being worked on and not forgotten. ServiceTree replaces this role by dispatching the ticket throughout the life cycle of the ticket.
  • A person who answers the phone, creates the ticket, and may or may not schedule the ticket to the appropriate tech. ServiceTree does not replace the person answering the phone or creating a ticket. However, we remove the requirement to find a tech to work on the ticket and ensure that no one forgets about it.

Utilizing our patent-pending technology, we calculate the SLA for a new ticket and then give the ticket to an available tech to ensure it is done in time.

Generally, tickets that are put on hold will come up in Open Next within 8 business hours. This ensures tickets don’t fall off the tech’s radar. In Open Next, you can customize which statuses do not trigger a ticket to come back.

No, you do not need to set up SLA's within ConnectWise. ServiceTree AUTO does not utilize the SLA’s defined within ConnectWise Manage.

Although you set up the default SLA used for all customers, you can override it on a ‘per customer’ level.

It is up to you! You can choose which service board you would like ServiceTree Auto to analyze and provide tickets to your techs.

Yes, you can customize which status from which service board you would like to be used.

Filtering based on type and sub-types will be released shortly on the Plus tiers.

Yes, they will come up in OpenNext™ once the scheduled time has occurred.

OpenNext™ will only give the ticket to the owner while the ticket is not overdue. If the ticket’s OpenNext time (OLA) is exceeded, ServiceTree will give the ticket to the first available tech.

No, most businesses schedule when their techs work on project tickets.

Only parent tickets are given to the tech.

There are many integrations in the ConnectWise ecosystem, but it is highly unlikely that third party integrations will be impacted. We work within the ticket element.

No, we don’t currently account for configuration items.

Your techs can still go into the ticket list or board and pick any ticket they want to work on. 

We change the status of the ticket to the corresponding ‘In Progress’ that is defined per service board when you first setup ServiceTree Auto.

Your techs will still need to create a time entry. ConnectWise Manage will remember the time the ticket was opened and when the status changed. This will ensure the start time will be accurately captured. (Which is half the battle!)

This feature is available in our Enhanced version of ServiceTree Auto.

As soon as your ticket is in ConnectWise Automate, and is in a service board and status you have defined, ServiceTree Auto will work.

Just like an RMM ticket, as long as the ticket is in a service board with the status defined, ServiceTree Auto will work.