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ConnectWise can be an invaluable tool for MSPs, allowing them to access a range of services that help them fulfill their obligations to their clients effectively. Ongoing ticketing updates from ConnectWise reporting allows you to show your clients the effectiveness of the service you’re offering. It can also help you to collaborate to increase the productivity of your service and create lasting and meaningful client relationships.

Understanding ConnectWise reporting best practices helps ensure that you provide the most important information to your clients in a digestible format. Making your ConnectWise reports as concise and accessible as possible can be invaluable in providing quality reporting services. 

Provide Concise, Valuable Information

It can be easy to fall into the trap of providing too much information in a report, which may result in wasted time trying to find the pertinent information. Your client’s time is precious, and you should ensure that the reporting is no longer than absolutely necessary. You should know which data points and metrics are most important to your clients so that you know the best and most concise information to provide them within your reporting. 

Send ConnectWise Reports To The Right People

It is best to send any report to more than one person within the client company. This can ensure that the vital information within the report is received even if your primary contact is absent from work or leaves the company. 

When you enter an SLA with a new company, it is a good idea to ask for a few contacts to send over reports to, ranging from the CEO to individual team managers. That being said, you should also know who should not be a recipient of any reports, particularly those of a sensitive nature. 

Discuss ConnectWise Reporting Frequency With Your Client

How often you send reports will depend on how often your client wishes to receive them. This is another detail that should be agreed upon in advance. Regular reporting is crucial, but it will be up to the client if they want daily weekly or monthly reports. You should also know when to send a report early, such as if there is something of note happening in the report that should be quickly brought to the client’s attention. 

Show The Effectiveness Of Tools Used

There are a broad range of tools to utilize when using ConnectWise, and it can help to show your clients how much time and money the tools you use are saving them. Options like our automated ticketing dispatch tool can massively increase productivity and eliminate waste. Showing the worth of such tools can be invaluable for showing your own worth to the client. 

Review The ConnectWise Reports Yourself

Reports are not only valuable to your clients – they can be a massive help to your own practices. It is vital to review reports before you send them to clients so that you can identify any issues and areas for examination. This is doubly crucial, as you can then send the report with details on any issues raised and how they will be dealt with. 

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