ServiceTree Announces Release of New Product and Major Rebranding

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ServiceTree will be replacing its full-stack software with a plugin that seamlessly integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask.

 ServiceTree was originally built as a full-stack PSA solution for MSPs of all sizes. On February 3, 2020, ServiceTree announced that they will no longer be offering the full-stack solution, and instead, replacing it with a plugin that seamlessly integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask. This new plugin, ServiceTree Connect™, helps MSPs fully utilize its current PSA, and employees, to support growth. The change in the product comes to better serve the MSP community. 

Paul Azad, ServiceTree’s Founder and CEO, doesn’t operate like other PSA providers. Having the experience of owning a successful MSP, he has first-hand knowledge of the importance of process automation and utilizing team resources to help grow your bottom line. He also understands that the investment in PSA software is time-consuming and costly. He built ServiceTree, and now ServiceTree Connect™, with that in mind. 

Rather than requiring an MSP to switch PSA software altogether in order to see benefits such as faster ticket creation, ServiceTree has come up with a different solution. ServiceTree Connect™ allows users to continue utilizing their current PSA on the backend but integrating ServiceTree’s user-interface on the front end. The benefit of this is a faster interface, live data dashboards, and an easier and more efficient ticketing system. On average, technicians can save between 6-11 minutes on every ticket created through ServiceTree Connect.

ServiceTree’s new branding reflects a modern solution to PSA performance. While they maintained elements of the tree that was found in their original logo, the new logo incorporates a modern flair, symbolizing growth in their own company as well as the growth they hope to help MSPs achieve. The move from green to teal in their brand colors represents stability and clarity, which is what ServiceTree’s easy to use interface provides to MSPs. The “S” and “T” found in the logo, naturally, stands for ServiceTree.

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